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I'm a stay at home mother to our beautiful 5 year old boy/girl twins. My passions are my family, our church, Volkswagens, interior design, junk sales and exploring Austin. Oh, and Texas beer.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A couple of finds that have me "thinkin' out of the box".

Last night while cruising da internets I found this little website. Go ahead, check it out. I was on there for a good half an hour. Need to get rid of those boring calling cards?

I messed around with this designer. If you've never been here, then go.

Then lo and behold I discovered this dude. He's my new love. His work is amazing. PS: You can also add his designs to your business cards through moo.com. Just browse designers.

Have fun!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dumpster Diving

In the morning, one of us usually makes the trek to the trashcan. As I was walking back towards the door I spied a bag of goodies on my neighbor's curb. I made a mad dash across the street to search the bag. I found seven great items to save for Abbey when she's about 5. One really nice pair of gap pants, 3 Old Navy denim skirts, 1 denim dress and and really cute top. I'll wash them and put them away until then. Will I even remember I have them? Oh and there was an awesome coffee table. Sorta vintage looking. I think I'll call a friend to rescue the poor thing.

The Double Stroller is gone

I feel the same way I did the day I sold the car seats. Wanting to hold onto them, but knowing that someone else was going to need them. I remember purchasing this stroller. Me, Carey and my mom went to Target. Lugging the big box in the front door and Carey putting the stroller together while I read up on my hospital information. It was such a great stroller. It wasn't a top of the line model either. The brand: Graco and the model: DuoGlider. I loved it for a lot of reasons.
1. It fit in my trunk (Jetta).
2. It folded up easy.
3. It was comfortable for the babies.
4. Had a cup holder and a gadget holder.
5. Had reclining seats.
6. Easily fit through any aisle.
7. Large basket underneath.
8. Was easy to steer.
Many more reasons to love this. I sold it to a woman who already has a 3 year old and has another baby on the way. I hope she loves it as much as I did.
For anyone having twins or needing a double stroller, I really recommend this model.